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November 2, 2008 – 18:11 | Ubuntu | Tags: ,

I was planning on giving it a week before upgrading my desktop to the new Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, but couldn’t find better things to do on the mild sunny classic Virginian Saturday afternoon than hunching over a computer in the darkest corner of a basement…

Anyway, the online upgrade wasn’t as slow as I thought – took about 3 hours to download about 1GB data and set up everything. Did run into a couple of minor surprises:

The computer booted up fine… without any functioning dns! NetworkManager apparently decided that it was OK to silently overwrite all the changes I made in /etc/resolv.conf. I have had some history with the Network Manager before, and so was not hesitant to disable it with sudo update-rc.d -f NetworkManager remove.

My Logitech Marble Mouse seemed to run into some issue and wouldn't let me scroll by holding down the left small button. I had to revert to xorg.conf following the workaround mentioned in this HAL bug.

The only real annoyance was that kde4 stopped honoring ~/.kde4/Autostart, and when restoring a previously saved session wouldn’t restore anything on the system tray either. So none of the utility programs I’m used to – klipper, kbiff, etc. – were automatically started any more. It was annoying because I had to restart X over and over to troubleshoot. Finally I spotted the Autostart item in System Settings, which seems to be using ~/.config/autostart (I guess that’s part of the freedesktop.org standards?), and works fine.

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